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10.11.2011. Guardians of the Blood

The Disciples of Goedric Trilogy, Book II

Young Etan, AKA Patient G, flees his Chicago apartment in the middle of the night, narrowly escaping IFC henchmen who will stop at nothing to get him back under their control. His only hope lays with a rag-tag group of friends, led by the redoubtable Sues, two tough, old-guard lesbians who never thought they'd live long enough to witness the horrors of a second gay plague.

Sue DeGault and Sue Keller pray for strength as they prepare to battle fate, and the IFC, a corporate goliath controlled by a powerful family with roots dating back to the days of King Yoshiyahu of Judea-a family that has been raging a religious war against homosexuals for 2,700 years.

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Guardians of the Blood (The Disciples of Goedric Trilogy, #2)

Reader Reviews

02.24.2012. By TSMD, Exciting! Watch this author

Not getting much sleep cause I keep turning pages to keep up with the disciples. Great read and love the Sue's. Pic on front looks like a yoga teacher I had in Royal Oak. The trilogy is a very exciting read -- couldn't put it down (except, of course, for the intense love scene early in the first book -- but you'd expect that from a 73 yr old straight white female -- too much information). You feel that Jeffrey Jude could be lewd and lascivious, at the same time appealing and interesting but not offending.

You know the character, Justin, the wise man leading the group has a respect for his fellow man (and woman). The writing is intelligent, well documented, fast-paced and makes many life-points anyone can relate to. It's exciting!! Would like to see these characters (Justin, Michael, Keasa, et al, and other Sue's) continue into other books.

Jeffrey Jude has a great approach to writing. Could easily crossover to the straight audience for a broader reader base. Any plans in that area?

12.25.2011. By HitchingPost, I feel guilty!

I'm about half way through & I feel guilty about the price I didn't have to pay. This is one of the cases where you get a lot more than you paid for. Keeps your attention, flows well, provocative, sometimes disturbing, sometimes romantic...always keeps you wanting to turn to the next page.

11.03.2011. By Reality Crafted, Speculative Fantasy at its best!

Guardians of the Blood is book II in the Disciples of Goedric Trilogy and it does not disappoint. I can honestly say that I am going to go hit the history books to find parallels with this amazing tale. I have a suspicion that the author found a way to unbury a few truths that rarely see the light of day, and then he spun them into an amazing read that both entertains and challenges the mind.

As with the first book, the characters were fully brought to life. Keller and DeGault, the amazing Sues who come to young Etan's aid, are so well developed that you have to wonder if they were in fact based on real people... and if they were what amazinng women they must be in real life.

Once again i found myself marveling at the authors ability to blur the lines between fact and fiction so convincingly.

I give it five stars just like book I, Gay Gene Rising.