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03.01.2012. Why do you want to read The Disciples of Goedric? contest...

If you are one of those people like me who prefers a real book to the electronic edition and have been wanting to read The Disciples of Goedric on a tight budget, now is your perfect chance... Simply send me an email telling me what it is about the book that caught your attention and 3 lucky entrants will recieve a free copy at the end of the contect on May 1st, 2012. Two winners will be selected on the basis of their responses and one totally at random! To enter the contest, send me your answer via my author address on or send a message direct to GayGeneRising on twitter! My goodreads author page can be reached by clicking the following link [...]

02.29.2012. Keeper of the Grey FREE today for kindle on Amazon.

What if you could move like a mist between darkness and light, unweaving good and evil from the cloth of reality so that you could reweave it again more to your liking? What would you do? Get Keeper of the Grey for Kindle for FREE today on Amazon... includes the first 100 pages of Gay Gene Rising as a FREE sample! [...]

02.25.2012. When Vengeance Howls, The Chronicles of Abigoth: Volume 2 is now available for Kindle on Amazon.

The howls were deafening as they slammed against the gleaming white walls of catacombs that burrowed into the deepest depths of the earth beneath the sewers of Detroit. Lucas knew that once the beast finally caught him that crimson would stain the walls of his dreams, leaving behind only the darkness of death and the echoes of his own screams as his soul was torn from his flesh like meat off a bone... [...]

02.14.2012. Congratulations lucky winners! Over 1,000 entered the contests!

Congratulations Goodreads Giveaway winners! Matt (a copy of Gay Gene Rising), Amber (a copy of Guardians of the Blood) and Erin (a copy of SoulFire and Tears). I hope you enjoy them... [...]

01.25.2012. My first book giveaway on has finished. Congtats to the winners!

OK, my favorite winner quote from Tatum: "I did not realize it would be quite so big, not a purse book!" No tatum, with all three books in a single volume it is most certainly not for the average purse! Congratulations to all five winners... Barbara, Elizabeth, Mallory, Jackie and Tatum! [...]