The Disciples of Goedric... called the Gay Da Vinci Code!

With Wolves

One of my favorite lines from a film in recent memory was when Jacob said “It’s a wolf thing” in New Moon of the Twilight saga…

For me it was a great line because so many things in my life revolve around my pack of wolf-dog hybrids who make up such an important part of my family. How is it that I came to live with a pack of wolves, one might ask… well I’ll tell you… shit happens!

Actually, it began with a trip to Hillsboro, Ohio where I took a little road trip to find a couple faithful companions to keep me company on my hikes into the coastal jungles of Nayarit, Mexico. While the jungles are just a kilometer or two from civilizations, there are occasional sightings of jaguars, cougars and the like. It’s always best to explore with a friend.

I immediately bonded with a pair of cubs, one male and one female, who I later named Akasha and Lestat having recently re-read Interview with a Vampire by Anne Rice. As I turned to leave a third cub came running up to me taking me crying and pulling on the cuff of my trousers—she was desperate to come along. She was Akasha’s sister and so I named her Mekare and together we left for Mexico.

It wasn’t long before we had cubs of our own… eighteen in point of fact. It was then that the trouble began. I hadn’t known that there was a particularly virulent strain of Parvovirus in the area, nor that wolf-hybrid’s are even more susceptible to parvo than ordinary dogs. All of the little cubs were stricken by the time they reached three weeks of age—before it was even time to vaccinate them.

A dear friend helped me care for them day and night, administering antibiotics and subcutaneous injections of saline solution every hour or two around the clock to stop them from de-hydrating. In the end, we were able to save eleven. Each of the remaining nine died in my arms—something I remember all too clearly despite the eleven years that have passed since.

After the tragedy I learned that parvo survivors often have damage to their internal organs and that it is not uncommon for them to live a short life of two or three years. I decided that I couldn’t really give any of them away without making sure that the adoptive family was prepared for the worse. I found homes for three which left me with six—and my pack had grown to ten—myself included.

They have been true companions and friends over the course of a decade. Yet, it seems that time stands still for no one and so we are now a pack of five… Gandolf, Spike, Beast, Monkey and me.

About Me

One of the things that Jeffrey Jude hates doing, apart from house work, is talking about himself. So, let me tell you a little about him—Michael Lyrihn, Pride Inspired Publications.

Jeff was born in Detroit Michigan and earned a B.S. in Biology and M.S. in Plant Ecology from Wayne State University before moving to Chicago to attend the University of Chicago where he studied Evolutionary Biology, and wrote a number of articles for prestigious scientific journals including Evolution and the American Journal of Botany.While in Chicago Jeff was a volunteer at Gay and Lesbian Horizons serving as a peer counselor as well as an instructor of gay sensitivity for the Chicago Police Department. He was also...

Gay Author—Pride Inspired

People often ask me about what got me into writing fiction... the story behind how I became an author in the first place as well as how I became "Pride Inspired" so to speak.

To be honest, I came late to it. In my younger years the notion of writing fiction never entered my mind. Even reading fiction was something I rarely managed. In fact, I can remember being asked by my freshman biology professor to list the last three books I had read. When I answered The Collected Dialogues of Plato, Miller’s Field Guide to North American Mushrooms and a textbook entitled Greek Realities: Life and Thought in Ancient Greece, Dr. Freeman just laughed... “I meant fiction books,” he clarified. I had to admit, science geek that I was...