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6.05.2013. The Chesen Rite

Crystal Lords of Archean, Book I

"A literary gem that sparkles! An epic adventure that transports the reader into a fantasy thrill-ride from which there is no turning back!"

Sahl Amenak, High Lord of the Crystal Academy, lit a lumen-crystal and began leafing through the dusty pages of a manuscript that had not been seen by mortal eyes for more than 3,000 years. It was an extraordinary find that promised to shed light on the greatest riddle of all--how Lady Lyrihn, concubine and slave to Cobahl Attalyte, managed to overthrow an age old tyranny to establish the Council of Light. As he read, the High Lord found himself pondering the ages that had long since past. His mundane worries and present day responsibilities seemed trivial compared to those of his predecessors--or so he thought. Lord Amenak had no way of knowing that Cobahl Attalyte was not the only darkness that the Lady Lyrihn had put to rest. There was another--a malevolence so malignant that it threatened the Gods themselves. Sahl Amenak took a long draught of his golden tscha, completely unaware that his beloved Archean was on the verge of a war--a conflict that would beg the question...

To whom do the Gods pray when all seems lost...

Crystal Lords of Archean
The Chesen Rite

And so the epic fantasy adventure begins...

Available on for Kindle. Starting July 3rd, will also be distributed worldwide as a trade paperback through a variety of channels including Amazon, Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Barnes & Noble, Bertrams, Gardners among others.

If you local bookstore doesn't have any copies on hand, they can place an order s soon as July 3rd!

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The Chesen Rite (Crystal Lords of Archean, #1)

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