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1.27.2012.Keeper of the Grey

Paranormal Chronicles of Abigoth

The Church of the Naked Lady had remained hidden deep within the Muskegon Mires for over a century, guarded by an ancient crone with powers over life and death and Nascha Atwood, a mysterious woman without a past. But, the old sorceress was faltering, and some of the secrets she had long ago trapped beneath hallowed ground sought to live again.

What had been set in motion with the brutal murder of Jean Baptistes Larpenteur in the year 1828 was about to rip the fabric of time itself—ensnaring Abigail Jones and Gavin Graham in a battle for their lives that could unravel all of humanity. It seemed fate was about to place the future in the hands of a Wiccan apothecary with serious image issues and a metrosexual nineteen-year-old grappling with doubts about what it means to be a man in light of an unexpected and unusually intense gay awakening.

High above the stained glass rosette of the church’s ceiling, the White Terror of the Night issues a war cry loud enough to awaken the one power in all of the universe still able to cross the great divide between the two Great Firmaments better known as heaven and hell… the Keeper of the Grey.

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Keeper of the Grey, The Chronicles of Abigoth: Volume 1