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02.25.2012. When Vengeance Howls

The Chronicles of Abigoth: Volume 2

Lucas thrashed in his sleep from one side to the next where he lay on the floor. A tangle of blankets tied up his legs and a salty dampness collected on his skin as he struggled to escape his dream—a dream that had pursued him relentlessly since that day in the park six months past. There was no escape. Once again he found himself racing through dimly lit tunnels that harbored nothing but his own panic and the howls of whatever it was that pursued him.

The howls were deafening as they slammed against the gleaming white walls of catacombs that burrowed into the deepest depths of the earth beneath the sewers of Detroit. Lucas knew that once the beast finally caught him that crimson would stain the walls of his dreams, leaving behind only the darkness of death and the echoes of his own screams as his soul was torn from his flesh like meat off a bone.

And so begins When Vengeance Howls...

Available on for Kindle. Starting April 6th, will also be distributed worldwide as a trade paperback through a variety of channels including Amazon, Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Barnes & Noble, Bertrams, Gardners among others.

If you local bookstore doesn't have any copies on hand, they can place an order s soon as April 6th!

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When Vengeance Howls, The Chronicles of Abigoth: Volume 2